Hiring an attorney can be expensive.

Not hiring an attorney can be even more costly.

limited scope divorce

In Michigan family law cases, parties are not required to have an attorney. You may be worried about the cost of hiring an attorney.  You may also be worried about handling you case without an attorney, especially because there are so many laws, court rules, forms, processes, and procedures that must be followed very closely to initiate and resolve a case. These are very valid concerns. 

As a way to make legal services more affordable, Michigan allows for something called Limited Scope Representation. This allows a person to hire an attorney for only specific work on their case, instead of having an attorney represent them throughout the entire case.

Limited Scope representation may be something for you to consider. You will only pay for parts of the case that you agree the attorney will handle. You will be able to work on the less difficult parts of your case, while still having an attorney for the more challenging parts of your case.

Limited Scope Legal Services that we offer

  • Researching your legal issue
  • Preparing legal documents for you
  • Reviewing legal paperwork you prepared
  • Serving court papers on the other party
  • Giving you legal advice
  • Drafting a demand letter or response letter
  • Negotiating or reviewing a settlement agreement
  • Coaching you on how to appear in court on your own
  • Representing you in court at a specific hearing (usually the most complicated or important one) while you represent yourself in court for all other hearings

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livonia divorce foundations family law center laura gruber attorney


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livonia divorce foundations family law center laura gruber attorney


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If you have been served with legal documents, please call an attorney ASAP as there may be deadlines that must be met to protect your rights.

Limited scope representation is not right for every case.  If it is for you, we will be there with you to ensure you are empowered to handle certain aspects of your case, while we tackle the issues that require more expertise.

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