How Can Child Support be Spent in Michigan?

One common question about child support is how child support payments must be spent in Michigan.  Common questions include:  What if he spends it all on himself?  What if she uses it to fund her own vacations?  Why isn’t he saving it for the kids’ college if he doesn’t need it to meet all of the child’s expenses?

Raising children is very expensive and with rising inflation, it’s costing families even more to support the basic needs of their children.  In Michigan, a parent receiving child support can spend it however they want.  The parent receiving the support does not have to provide the other parent or the court proof of how the child support was spent.  It’s the recipient’s decision how to use the payments.  The court will not micromanage how the money is spent and it is not a good use of anyone’s time to constantly audit the spending of the parent receiving support payments. 

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